Sunday, February 1, 2015

One for NAA

I finished framing the 30x40" acrylic painting "We Run" and will deliver it today around noon.  I talked about bringing a second painting, a smaller one, but I don't have anything that's not OIL!  This show is not for oil paintings.  
"We Run" 30x40" acrylic on canvas, framed with thin dark gray wood strips. $900

This painting is also on DPW, Daily Paintworks, but I'd rather sell it at Newburyport so it wouldn't need to be shipped. 
Carol Marine (I'm a fan) and her husband, David, created a great site--DPW, similar to Ebay but for artists.  There is another site for art called Etsy which I joined a year ago and never posted to it--something that I do want to do soon.

Carol wrote a great book recently and has written a short article for
which is nice and succinct, send it on to anyone you know who may be considering painting.

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