Sunday, February 15, 2015


I spent oodles of time in the morning working on invitations 
and sending them out about the reception of the
portrait show at the library a week from now.  My mouse scrolling finger is killing me.  
In my haste I made a couple of errors on the invitation but it was covered 
in the text of the message--not good though.

Can you guess my errors?  (listed at bottom of this blog message)

I worked on the 'door' for a few hours, I thought it would go fast, but no.  I don't have an actual reference, I took the door and door frame from the place I was living at before I moved here.  So now trying to make the values and colors right is very tricky and confusing.  The area covered by the door frame and surrounding wall space is actually a pretty large piece of real estate on this 4x7 foot painting.  

Errors are:  Where it is being held and a contact for me.  Opps.  What should I do?  If it's an attachment on an email, the text of the email covers it; if it's on a blog or facebook page, the accompanying comments cover it I'm pretty sure.  Why did it happen, because I kept changing the working on the invitation and 'lost' that part.  I am learning my lesson the hard way, this is the second thing that I've screwed up.
I decided to make another one for the remainder of emails since I've only reached the 'M's on my list.

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