Saturday, February 28, 2015

Interesting art activities and research

I really like doing research.  Time flies, just like while I'm painting.  Now that I have my reference blog, I'm having a place to 'dump' stuff that I want to read in-depth later.  I learned a lot today.

I packaged up the other painting that was sold this week and took it to the post office.  While making up the package, I realized that I should put some sort of flyer of information to assist the buyer with understanding some aspects of art in general and how to properly display the art, how to frame it, attach the wires, etc.  So I've spent most of the day today writing up something for that and it involved doing the research as I didn't want to rely on my opinions alone.

Stuff to put into the package
I dug out some small works and decided to do some improvements to them--like I need more stuff to do!  Well, this mostly would be so I can keep posting to DPW and Etsy.  I still haven't figured out what paintings to post to which.

I also gave some thought to naming the 'door' painting, but haven't landed on anything yet. I hope naming it won't take as long as painting it.  And I'm not sayin' how long that has been!

Now, I'm pretty excited that tomorrow is the beginning of March.  I used to hate March, but after this February, not any more.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Door - how much more?

Door Painting
Moving the door painting around (4 foot by 7 foot) in order to paint on it sideways or upside down is a challenge.  I built the stretcher frame and stretched the canvas and started painting this years ago.  I don't have a lot of room to operate.  I'm thinking, boy I hope I don't put a hole in it now, after all this work and all this time working on it.  I learned from Joel Babb how to make this frame, and I'm very happy with the construction of it since it is very sturdy and does have good hand grips.  It could easily fall onto other tables, etc. that I have nearby. Why would I want to move it like that?  In this section of the painting, there are lots of straight lines, so it's sometimes easier to reach and see the lines better when I move it around.
What's keeping me mind busy while I'm doing these lines?
I've been happily listening to a couple of radio shows with great interviews.  Todays' was Art Chats With Linda Fisler.
Lori's painting.

One was of Lori Putnam talking about how she became an artist, her mentor, her new studio, other things--she is so down to earth.  I took a workshop with her last year in the finger lakes region of NY.  I used the primary palette and the key thing I learned from her is how to find the middle value on the view you have of the scene and how to match it up on your painting.  I like a primary palette especially for outdoors and have always been unable to figure out the middle value relationships between the scene and the painting.  I like her painting style and enjoyed the interview.
Another interview was with Joseph McGurl who has been referred to as one of the acknowledged leaders in the current American landscape school.  He's from the Cape, and I live in Massachusetts too.  He has a thorough education in art and does not use photographs.
Here he is painting at Tuckerman's Ravine.  You know, near the top of Mt. Washington???
Even taking the auto road is a big deal to get there.  Otherwise it's a full day's hike--uphill!
Both these artists's wedsites are www.(their name).com.

Carpet Cleaning, a woman's work, etc......
Got a little delayed because I had to shampoo a rug this morning and I wanted so much to get started very early.
Sold and shipped
Red Geranium has a new owner.
I packaged up the painting I sold and got it out to the post office.
Thank goodness for pressure cookers.  I also made a nice stew.  Now I'm gonna go eat it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visit to NAA and more 'Door'

NAA show
I went with a friend, Elaine, to see the current show at Newburyport Art Association today.  The show is very nice and my painting, We Run, has a very nice spot on the center of the big blank wall in the Hills Gallery.  I took my camera with me to take some photos, and, da, didn't take any pictures, realized it when I got home. 
Painting more 'Door'
I guess I really need a name for this painting!  I worked on the frame again today and it is very slow going, talk about painting a straight line!  I realized that I should work on another painting at the same time to allow this one to get tacky in between efforts.  This will be a good thing, so I don't get too uninspired with the 'work' that is required.  This is still a challenge, don't get me wrong, but this part is more like work.  
When I was doing stained glass work, it was hard to keep the old shoulder to the grind stone because it was physically difficult and strenuous work and somewhat mechanical after the design part was over.  
I did update my blog and the Portrait Project Facebook page.
DPW icon
I was wondering why DPW doesn't have an icon to use on one's sites, and today I noticed that an artist had made his own, so, of course, I have to do that too.  Now that I think about it, it won't be too hard.
I should probably check with DPW first to be sure they don't already have one.  Then, there will be another learning curve figuring out how to get Weebly to accept the code, probably not too tricky.
Learn from others' blogs
The above DPW icon is an example of some of the things one can learn from other artists' blogs.  Also listening to the on-line talk radio shows is another wonderful source of good intel.
There is never enough time to read all the art stuff I want to read.  It is great though to have the magazines, etc. on hand for those half hours when you need to fill the time with something.  Heaven forbid I just did nothing--nope--don't know how to do that.  I know, you are starting to think that if I didn't spend so much time playing on my computer with this blog, I'd have more time for other things!  ha ha :)  I do enjoy it at the end of a tiring day to be able to sit here and talk to myself and my friends.
More on social medias
I found some good articles on how to use Instagram for business, and, yes, it's on my reading list, actually it's on my newest blog that I made for myself that is like a on-line file cabinet.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun with Photos

I didn't get everyone who was there at the reception for the People Painting People - The Merrimacians show, and perhaps after I see everyone else's photos, we'll have a few more, but here are some of the people who were at the reception, 3 collage's worth.  Warning, there are duplicates so just pick the one you like.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bidding War

...Great Fun
Holy Schmolly, this is the first time there's been a bidding war for one of my paintings!  What fun.  It's only by a dollar here and a dollar there, but it's still fun.  Recently I wanted to buy a painting and lost it at the last minute.  I discovered something that allows you to secure your chances of winning where it bids for you until it reaches your limit.  I didn't do it then, but would do it next time.
...My new reference blog
I'm pretty darn happy with my new blog that is basically a reference tool for myself.  
I've been able to capture and list lots of interesting information there.  
...A quiet day
I won't be able to do much art today except for some reading because 
I have other commitments from 3:30 on but I am looking forward to life after the portrait show!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Preparation and Reception

I started around 3 p.m. on Friday to prepare the food for the reception Saturday.  I got up early and did a lot on Saturday morning. I'm new at making Salmon cocktail snack pinwheels, but I passed the "Elaine" test.   It came together and everything worked out.  
I did remember to take pictures of the food. 

I made other food as well, but these are pretty pictures.

On Saturday the snow held off until after the reception, nice surprise.  We had a very good time and I'm relieved that everything worked out so well.  Good music - thanks to Ray, and everyone pitched in with set up and take down and many people brought good food, snacks, drinks, etc.

Some of these iPicci collages moved after I placed them, so I have to do some of them over again.
But for now, here are some that I made.

On Friday I re-posted my tiny little baseball painting as an auction on DPW:

and I re-posted my 5x7" church in Italy painting as an auction on DPW

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sold 2 paintings on DPW

.....I'm going to start getting up at 7 a.m. again to get everything done.

How sweet...
I've posted two paintings and they both got initial auction bids right away.  Very exciting. 

Love my email...
Why does it take me so long to read my emails?  Well, I try to scan down and attend to anything that looks somewhat urgent, then I go back through and delete all junk(ish) mail, then I go through quickly to see which of my subscribed posts looks interesting to read, and I delete any that only need a cursory look.

I learn so much from so many of these nationally known artists who are posting to their blogs with very good and helpful information. It's almost like getting an art magazine in your snail mailbox everyday.  So when I'm painting, every two hours or so I need a break, and having these interesting blogs to read on my break makes it easier to stop for a short while and take the break.  I have to set a timer so I'll get back to work.

Etsy Shop
I need a plan about posting to Etsy.  When I put up a painting for the Daily Paintworks auction, I have to wait a couple of weeks to see if it sells before I can post it to the Etsy Shop. 

Food for the reception
I researched finger food and snacks and went to the grocery story.  Friday night I'll prepare most of the snacks and some will be prepared on Saturday early morning.

I didn't get to paint but have a plan for the next sections of the molding. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another new thing: Sign Up Genius

Is a photo site that has been referenced by several blogging artists lately as a source of lots of photos for painting ideas, inspiration, etc.  You can view them without charge. 

American Pie
I couldn't find another photo today of a painting I wanted to list online.  So I took a photo and posted it on Etsy and DPW and Facebook.  According to the blog talk radio show I listened to about Instagram, when I post it on Instagram, It can multi-post to other most social networks instantly--something that I want to be able to do.

Reception on Saturday
I have to think about food for the reception on Saturday and shop for it.  I sent out an email to all the painters and models and got lots of responses.  I feel better now.  One of the group set up a thing called, and it looks great and already people are signing up and I can see who is bringing what. 

My "Door" is coming along.  
I had to stop painting tonight because I have to contemplate some things about it.  I have finished with the 'color of the year' part - Pantone's  Marsala.  Now I'm on the moldings - 50 shades of gray.  Really.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tuesday - Getting there

I'm hoping for uninterrupted focus today so I'm going up early to use the best hours of the day for problem solving, then when I need a break, I'll do my administrative work for a shift from left to right brain.
New Blog for reference
I created a new blog as a virtual reference tool for myself and my art friends and art students whereby I can easily find answers without looking in actual files by trying to make good 'labels' and using the search function on the blog .  I am always printing out articles of interest then who knows where they end up.  Maybe this will help me and save paper in the process.  Some artists have a treasure trove of information on their sidebars.  I don't want to make this a concerted effort to be a complete reference tool, but when I do find something worth saving, I can save it here.  Art Working Notes is one name for the blog, but I'm still thinking, maybe Art File Cabinet--that could be the sub title? 
The Jungle Gym
I could have painted 20 actual door frames compared to this little corner of the "door" painting.  I'll take my time keep at it because every once in a while something works out right.  I have worked out most of the kinks so that the rest should go smoothly.  I have to move the large canvas around and move furniture around and chairs, maul sticks, ducking down, etc. so much, I feel like a kid on the jungle gym. 
Instagram on talk radio
I've been listening to blog talk radio while painting.  I go in and out of being able to notice what is being said.  I will listen to this episode again for sure because they are talking about Instagram and sometimes mention other software that sounds great to use.  I love this stuff. Click here to listen.
Geranium post
During one of my breaks, I decided to post a flower painting to Etsy only to find out that I never took a final photo of it nor posted it anywhere.  It was on show a year ago, but totally escaped the usual inventory process. 
Geranium, 6x6" oil on board

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sundays Persuits

 Another great article - Sebastian Smee
First thing in the a.m., I had the pleasure of reading another wonderful Globe article by Sebastian Smee, my all-time favorite art writer.  The only thing better than art in Boston is reading about it and I have to say that sometimes that table is turned.  I want to read this article again because it is a big walk down memory lane over the past couple of decades and what has happened, most for which I was very much present. 
Time Management
I cancelled the Globe a while ago because it took up too much of my time in the mornings,  I was an addict.  I've tried various ways of limiting my computer work in the mornings, setting alarms, etc. but lately, it is taking more time, probably because it's the first of the year and I will get quicker at it as time goes on, make new routines to update my newest endeavors.
New Invitation
I made corrections to the invitation (fiasco of yesterday) and sent it out to my email list from M to Z.
I love the tricks you can do with Photoshop.
Photo Organization
I'm always trying to find new ways of listing my art so that I can easily and quickly find it on my computer, but it has gotten way out of hand because of all these various attempts to make it better.  Da.  So when I want to list a painting somewhere or enter it in a show digitally I have to find it first, and my inventory process is also lacking.  These are the things that I don't really like to do so they get lost on the back burner.
Anyway I added a few more small gems onto the Etsy page, I spend more time doing this than it's worth, that's for sure, but I feel like it's part of doing everything I can to "keep up with the Jones-es". 
Music and Drawing
Also on today's email, I stumbled onto this extremely interesting article about music and drawing.  Marking it here on my blog will allow me to reference it again when the urge arises.  I'm more or less using this blog as a Pinterest procedure, Pinterest is a wonderful referencing tool.
The Door
The Door (That's not the real name of it, although I'm not sure if I ever gave it a name.) 
This is a riot, really, all of a sudden after looking at the color all day and wondering if I liked it enough to keep it, bam, it struck me that it looked like Pantone's color of the year this year!  Marsala.  OK, I saw it like last week, and voted for it.  They had some multiple choices and I picked that I'd rather have Chicken Marsala, didn't really like it that much, thought is wasn't a happy color.  Well, here are some things that Pantone has to say about it: 


Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in
to its embracing warmth. 
OK, so now I guess I'll keep it after all this wonderful stuff about that color and how nice it looks in any environment.   I never realized it before, but if you go to the Pantone site, they have help for interior decorators whereby they combine their color of the year with many other palettes of colors.  Nice.
I decided (in my 40 degree studio) that I would begin in the upper left hand corner where most of the problems need to be settled.  I also realized that although I don't have the 'scene' of my old doorway to reference, I do have that same color on my walls here in this house.  (When I bought this house, I used the same wall colors and the same ceramic tile on the floors.)  I went down with my camera and took a few photos to find lights, mediums and darks of the pink walls.  I found that that wasn't going to help me because the camera sees color differently.  Hmmm.  Yikes, I realized I could take my palette down and duplicate the colors, yes!  I did and made swatches of the colors in various lighting conditions.  Much to my surprise, it used different color paints that I ever imagined and the darks look way different that I can believe.  Thus the Marsala in shade on the pink wall.  Good thing I own Green Umber paint.

Hard at work

Two chairs worked just fine for my platform this time.  

 For fun, I changed the color of all the subheadings to, guess what, MARSALA!

Stuck in the corner.

Well, no one can say I'm not having fun, I guess I have to say that painting puts me in a good mood, usually. 
Then there are times, when frustration rules the day.

After shoveling out three times between Blizzard Octavia and whatever comes next, I headed upstairs to work on my door. Starting in the upper left hand corner of the door frame, I had a difficulties determining the architectural details.   I tried several methods of drawing, photographing and painting the multitude of lines involved (caused by light and shade) and didn't come to a good conclusion yet.  It was very frustrating because I had a lot of interruptions and solving a problem like this requires complete focus.  Finding the right tone of gray was also a challenge. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I spent oodles of time in the morning working on invitations 
and sending them out about the reception of the
portrait show at the library a week from now.  My mouse scrolling finger is killing me.  
In my haste I made a couple of errors on the invitation but it was covered 
in the text of the message--not good though.

Can you guess my errors?  (listed at bottom of this blog message)

I worked on the 'door' for a few hours, I thought it would go fast, but no.  I don't have an actual reference, I took the door and door frame from the place I was living at before I moved here.  So now trying to make the values and colors right is very tricky and confusing.  The area covered by the door frame and surrounding wall space is actually a pretty large piece of real estate on this 4x7 foot painting.  

Errors are:  Where it is being held and a contact for me.  Opps.  What should I do?  If it's an attachment on an email, the text of the email covers it; if it's on a blog or facebook page, the accompanying comments cover it I'm pretty sure.  Why did it happen, because I kept changing the working on the invitation and 'lost' that part.  I am learning my lesson the hard way, this is the second thing that I've screwed up.
I decided to make another one for the remainder of emails since I've only reached the 'M's on my list.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


With another Blizzard coming, I can't believe it, I had to get some supplies so went out shopping and then had a scheduled lunch with my art student.  It was wonderful to be out on the town having lunch with a friend.  Lucky her, she's been traveling.  She's been taking lots of other classes to keep herself busy but to experience various other artistic endeavors, drawing, pastel, watercolor.  Everything helps everything else and I'm glad to see her enjoying her expansion in the understanding of art.  She'll be resuming her oil painting classes with me come spring when caregiving for my husband allows.  It will be nice for me to have this break in my routine.

After a couple of visiting healthcare workers this afternoon and making a beef stew, I was able to get out some paint and set up my references to work again on the "door".

Friday, February 13, 2015

No Sleep = Snow Day

Slept late because I was up a lot during the night.'s snowing again while my phone weather app says its sunny, and it has been below freezing for so many days in a row I can't count them and for tomorrow it says -4, that's four below zero.  If this continues for years to come, I can't imagine what it will be like for those youngsters out there who will live to see it.

After doing the postings I need to get done, I was going to work on the door frame, BUT I TOOK A SNOW DAY INSTEAD!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2 Kisses

My totally wonderful computer guy came over to set me straight on the TV problem.  
He tested out some factors that could lead to slow uploads on Netflix.

I made the music for the skating student and sometimes when I burn a CD it doesn't want to play on some sound systems, so now I'm dying to find out if this one will work.  It did work!

I loaded up more items on Etsy.

An angel of a neighbor, who has a humungous tractor snow-blower vehicle, came over and moved mountains of snow--he says to allow for more snow--can you imagine?  What a kindness.  It is a noisy machine so I didn't talk to him, just waved and made motions to thank him. He probably spent 1/2 hr.  If I hadn't been on the computer, I never would have known he was out there.

Kiss--I did a 5x7" painting of a Hershey's Kiss, two kisses actually.  I had previously put down a metalic silver ground and so that metalic paint shows through on the silver kiss, but because I'm thinking Valentine's Day, I added a red kiss.  I worked on this small painting because I only had a short period of time to paint in the afternoon.  I went all over the house with the little painting trying to get a good photo of it, and finally decided it was too dark at night and will try again in the morning.  I could get a close up but wanted to have other display type photos of the painting in a real life situation as Etsy allows several photos to be loaded.  

This one shows the metalic underpaint showing through.

It's only a quick one done on those cardboard canvas boards. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A problematic day

First thing I had to apply for the next regional show at NAA.  RANT ALERT-- OMG it took me close to 2 hours.  Everytime I had a problem I had to start from scratch.  No I suppose I won't even get in!  I hate their website.  I don't know why, but when I go online to find their site, I sometimes get an older version and since they list the same titles for shows year after year, sometimes I'm getting the wrong dates because it was a different year.  Call me senile.  Oh well, moving on.

This time delay (above) caused me to get really backed up on my schedule for today.  It's 12:30 already.  I took some photos to reference for the molding (door edges) of my door painting.  Loaded up some paintings on my new Etsy account.  I did some computer work, everything I did was problematic, just one of those days.  Even my TV was on the fritz.  I installed some music software to cut music for a skating student, and did my first download of music from iTunes. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Studio work today!

And it's still snowing.
 After an hour or so on the computer doing the administrative stuff one has to do to keep above water (in this case here today, above snow) I headed up to start painting something.  At first it felt like going into a dark cave and not knowing what to expect.  I've not painted for about a week and have finished that big show which is all I could think about.

No definite plans for what is coming next.  A mystery to me that I'll share with you.  The thermometer read 39  degrees and I turned on the heater and came back down to have another cup of tea.  I actually like cool space for working.  I did a lot of reorganizing and rearranged some painting areas so I could work on a couple of big things at a time and the temp got up to 59 degrees, felt pretty warm.  I'm very happy with how I came up with a good solution for situating my big canvases on my easel.  I've tried many things over the years and this one feels like it will work the best.  I have a 4x8' homasote panel for an easel.  I thought of a few ideas and ended up using it like a peg board, putting holes every two inches and using a 4' level I've had forever as the ledger board--it has holes in it that grab the hangers and it's just the right width.
New fandangled shelf to rest painting on, adjustable.  Close-up at bottom of this page.

View of the left side and the "George the Bartender" painting that should be #3 on my to do list.

View of right side with "The Door" oil painting and an acrylic painting at the next station.  

New shelf in action.  I use pushpins with elastic at the top corners.

The Door painting needs the door frame yet to be completed.   

These are the three sweater layers I wore and the hat.  I was warm enough.

I think this will work really well, simplicity itself, quick and easy to move.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Social Media

I need to get more current with using social media sites and to that end, I'm checking out other means of communication used by the crowd who are movers and groovers and artists who know how to market themselves and their art, share art information, generally be in the know.


Original Oil Paintings by Mary Pyche by MaryPycheArt on Etsy


So I started out, because Etsy connects with these other medias, joining Twitter.  I sent my first tweet, it was an article from Oil Painters of America on why painting from life is important.


I already use Pinterest.  I'm finding that Pinterest is very useful for several reasons.  One of the best aspects is that you can pin something you want to remember for any reason to your pinterest page using a board that you already have or make a new one.  I don't know about you, but my memory can use all the help it can get.  For example, last week I created a board to see ideas I was gathering for repainting my kitchen.  Now that the job is done, I can delete that board.  So it has taken me a while to find out how Pinterest can be useful and I suspect the same will be true of these other social networks.

Mary Pyche on Instagram

I watched a bunch of videos on You Tube on how to use Instagram for business and wrote pages of notes on the subject.  It will take a while before I can make much sense of all this, but at least I'm giving it a go.  By later in the day I was welcomed by lots of people.  Now I know why everyone everywhere is always checking their phones.

Snippy and iPicci

On somewhat of another subject, my absolute favorite little helper is the Snippy Tool which lets you copy and past anything you want to your computer files.  iPicci is great for making free photo collages.

Share my current show, please.

I'm updating the People Painting People - 'The Merrimacians" page daily and hopefully getting people to SHARE it so we will get the word out about the show and the reception.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

To Etsy or not?

I'm starting to work on the plan for this year's goals.  Last year I started an Etsy account to sell works online through Etsy, a site similar to eBay but for art objects.  I never got very far and don't think that I ever put anything there to sell.  I'm wondering about it now.  Usually I say, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I'll probably give it a try.  Any input?

OK so I did put some work up on the Etsy account. 

Original Oil Paintings by Mary Pyche by MaryPycheArt on Etsy

 I feel like I'm going through the motions, but there are things that we have to do  like inventory, etc.

Where did the day go?  I went grocery shopping and did computer work, and the day is gone.  We are now expecting three days in a row of snow, so I'm hoping to get back to doing some painting!

Friday, February 6, 2015

It's a wrap.

Completed the finishing touches today at the library show, so it's a wrap!  I visited some local shops and put up signs, etc., took better photos of some of the art under glass, and did some more on-line networking for the show.

Alpers Gallery of Art in Andover MA invited juried artists of both shows at Newburyport (Winter I and II) to submit jpg's to be juried into a show they are having starting March 1st.  I'm going to submit something and see what happens.  They wanted works submitted to the NAA shows, and one of my works would fit the type of art that they like to show; I'll have to look and see if I have anything else that suits their style.  The new works that I'm doing in acrylic might be closer to what they like.

I've been waiting for a couple of months for magazines to start arriving since I let them all expire.  Today I finally got one, so I'll be celebrating shortly and going up to my reading nook and breaking open the cover of Plein Air Magazine.  It's like a fix for me.  I might be staying up late tonight!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Accepted to NBPT's juried show

My 'We Run', acrylic, 30x40" painting, thankfully has been juried into the Winter Members Juried Show at Newburyport Art Association.  It opens Friday, Feb. 7th and
the reception-all are welcome to attend-is Saturday, Feb. 8 from 7-9 p.m.

My Snow Day Reality Show.
It's snowing here again, another 6" so far today and this time it's heavy stuff and will make all the snow under it wet and heavy as well, so I'm having to shovel off the back deck.  I've set my timer for 30 minute breaks and 30 minute shoveling sessions.
  Here is session 1.

I'll post a picture to the page and do some email replies then go shovel again.
Here is session 2.

The hot apple berry pie that is fueling this activity.

Here is session 3

Now one more session to shovel the snowbank behind my car and I'll be finished for today.  Snow is predicted for 4 of the next 5 days and tonight around midnight it will be 1 degree.  OK, no more shoveling pictures!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Visit to library today, labeled most works

Labeling Work
I wanted to complete the labeling of the hanging works today, but one of the artists didn't email me her information and I didn't realize it until I got there.  So I'll have to make some more labels and return another time.  I also tried to take photos of the works today but there was a lot of reflection on the glass framed works.  I didn't have time to take them down and shoot them, so I'll allow for extra time next time I go there to do that.  
Meeting People
The nice thing was that I met about a half dozen people while I was there who came to look at the show and I enjoyed talking with them.  People who live here are so real.  Most who came in knew some of the people we painted.  I wish I could be there all the time to meet and talk with people and hope they will come again on the reception day.  
Cindi's Work
Here is a collage I did of Cindi's work.  I'll have to take some of these photos again, but I wanted to put something up for show and tell.
Some oils and some pastels done by Cindi Deimantas

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bussman's Holiday - Painted the Kitchen

After the Blizzard of 2015 a few days ago, we had another foot or so yesterday.
I better get out there and shovel the deck off before it falls off the house.
Yesterday and today I painted part of my kitchen with Chalkboard paint.  I like the look but it is dark especially at night.

I'm also still doing a few finishing touches for the Library exhibition.  I sprayed clipboards black and will use at least one of them for a sign-up sheet for new models and artists.  I made labels for the reception that will be used by the models and the artists as name tags.  The girls have a cute model picture and it says Meet the Model then they write their name on it, and the boys have the same thing with a different 'model' picture.  The pictures are so cute I wanted to show you.

Meet the Artist