Thursday, February 12, 2015

2 Kisses

My totally wonderful computer guy came over to set me straight on the TV problem.  
He tested out some factors that could lead to slow uploads on Netflix.

I made the music for the skating student and sometimes when I burn a CD it doesn't want to play on some sound systems, so now I'm dying to find out if this one will work.  It did work!

I loaded up more items on Etsy.

An angel of a neighbor, who has a humungous tractor snow-blower vehicle, came over and moved mountains of snow--he says to allow for more snow--can you imagine?  What a kindness.  It is a noisy machine so I didn't talk to him, just waved and made motions to thank him. He probably spent 1/2 hr.  If I hadn't been on the computer, I never would have known he was out there.

Kiss--I did a 5x7" painting of a Hershey's Kiss, two kisses actually.  I had previously put down a metalic silver ground and so that metalic paint shows through on the silver kiss, but because I'm thinking Valentine's Day, I added a red kiss.  I worked on this small painting because I only had a short period of time to paint in the afternoon.  I went all over the house with the little painting trying to get a good photo of it, and finally decided it was too dark at night and will try again in the morning.  I could get a close up but wanted to have other display type photos of the painting in a real life situation as Etsy allows several photos to be loaded.  

This one shows the metalic underpaint showing through.

It's only a quick one done on those cardboard canvas boards. 

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