Saturday, August 30, 2014

Winding down for this month (People Painting People)

The People Painting People--The Merrimacians project for the month of August is coming to a close.  There will have been 15 models painted for this month.
Take a look at the project page.

I have some appointments for October which is when the project will resume.  I'm hoping for another 15 people.  I just realized that since I'll be away most of September (painting in Italy) I won't be here to book or invite people for October.  Somehow since there was a month in-between I though I'd have plenty of time to work on October's list.

There are people of all ages represented and so many interesting people and stories. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

August was busy

I know there is still some time left in August but my mind is starting to shift towards my upcoming trip to Italy.  I am so busy that I won't be able to really pack or even think about it much until the week before I leave.  I'm happy that I'm pretty much keeping on track with all my projects so that feels good.  I'll be so relaxed when I get back from my trip that it will be hard to get back in gear.  
Take a look at the People Painting People project, click here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outdoor Portrait today

Our project, People Painting People - The Merrimacians, is moving along--today was #9.  We painted Grace, a teenager, in her yard.  I'm working on portrait colors and still not getting where I want to be.  I'm pretty determined and will continue to pursue this goal.  I thought of a way to display these 12x12" panels in the Library Show.  I'll put 10 on each of three panels (two rows of five on each), make them with either Masonite or luan and paint them a dark gray, and attach them with mirror mounts.  Then I can wire up the  back of each large panel and hang them on the hanging rods.
Grace Handy in her yard-unfinished

An artists work is never done.

I'm working with my student and attending Mark Hayden's painting group and painting portraits for the People Painting People project.

Tonight I have another portrait to paint and the local TV station is coming in to do an interview and do some filming.
My total house renovation project is winding down also and that will feel soooo good when it's over with.
I'm beginning to realize that my September painting trip to Umbria is closing in as well.
Here's a few pics of my painting subject from this morning--animals at a farm.  Well, I'll download them later tonight, I'm not as good at downloading from my phone (forgot the camera today).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All in a day's work

Yesterday morning I painted plein air at Pierce Little Farm in Newbury with my student.  I used Lori Putnum's primary palette.  It is important to realize that these outdoor sketches are only meant to acquaint yourself with the subject in order to do a larger studio painting.  Analyzing this and comparing it to the photo I can see how I would amplify the colors.

Subject:  Pierce Little House (I love the colors on the front facade)

Then in the evening I painted another portrait for my People Painting People project.
Model Deborah Ketchen

Saturday, August 9, 2014

8x8 Show

After painting a portrait at the church this morning I went over to Newburyport to see the 8x8 show.  It looks so great, four walls of paintings all the same size.  They were wonderful!  Here are the two that I put in.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Times

I found a few more helpful tools, thanks to my friend Liz.  A great white (not a whale), using a magnifying glass that does the opposite, changing some of my palette colors.  The project is coming along very well, it feels really nice to be there and participate with friends where everyone is 'in the zone'.

Simone Cartier, the model

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wyeth video

I delivered my painting to NAA Friday and forgot to photograph the two 8x8s.  I guess I'll have to do it at the show.

Here is a video of Jamie Wyeth.  Years ago while on a painting trip with the Band of Brushes to Maine, on a rainy day, we all went into the Farnsworth's exhibit on Jamie's work, and there was a video there on how he painted.  I actually also like to paint on cardboard.  Here he paints with watercolor used in a non-traditional way, and he uses a lot of spit.  I especially like the shot at the end of the film of the island in the sea.