Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Person in the Garden

Last Saturday I painted with David Curtis' group working on a person in the garden.  We did have a good time.

Last Saturday I attended David Curtis' Person in the Garden painting workshop in Gloucester so had the opportunity to visit both art associations.  It was a beautiful day and it seemed that these shows must be the best of this season.
I haven't been doing plein air lately and there is such a difference painting outdoors from the controlled environment of the studio.  The lighting is the biggest difference but the effect it has on your eyes and how the colors look on your canvas is also something that is hard to adjust to.  Because the light is constantly changing, the eyes are changing focus and the pallet looks different.
I concentrate so much on the work that I didn't even notice that my umbrella had fallen over and was no longer covering my pallet!
So David's biggest comment for everyone is that we were searching for the effect of light on the figure.  I believe everyone had a good day and was rescued by David's magic wand.

Flowers in the Garden

6x6, first flower painting 2013
Finally I started to paint my 'flowers in the garden' series.  I thoroughly enjoyed it I have to say.  I tried the clayboard by Ampersand and it really sucks--in a good way, ha!  The surface absorbs the paint like crazy but I like the effect.  While my painting student works I need to be busy so as to not hover over her too much, so my plan will be to work on these flower paintings.  I like bright color and usually you don't use it in regular landscaping paintings--lots and lots of greens instead.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What have I been doing?

Sorry all, I don't know why I haven't been posting but I have been busy painting and perhaps it was all the yard work one needs to do in the spring that has interrupted my blogging flow.
Everything that I've been working on, portraits, the bartender painting, the new web site, teaching painting, doing some plein air painting, has been cruising along at a good pace.  I just don't have anything finished enough to show it to anyone.  This year is flying along, my Italy trip is coming up fast, I guess I should post a photo of my yard, since that's the only thing that is up-to-snuff.
I am enjoying the portrait painting, and this coming Saturday I'll be painting a portrait or person in the garden at David Curtis' workshop in his yard.  David won the Popular Award for his new painting pictured here on the Northshore's NSAA website.