Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Crooked Shed

The Crooked Shed 6x6" stretched canvas original oil
p.s.  Watch out for Leprecons.

I need to have some paintings for the Sage Gallery in Haverhill for the next three-month exhibit and my plan for the Bear Hill Road Series is to have some  large ones (18" and up), some triptychs and diptychs (also large), and several small ones.  So I'm doing the small ones in time for this Sage Exhibit.

Bear Hill Road is a rural road that travels from 110 in Merrimac MA to Newton NH.

Woodworking practice and fun

I made this frame from scratch using wood and molding from the lumber yard, glued it up, sanded, sealed, painted, varnished, etc.  It has a red undertone, gold overall, with gray-green glaze to suit the painting.  I am donating it to the Newburyport Art Association's Silent Auction in June along with another painting for the silent auction and one for the actual auction.  This is the major fundraiser for the association so it is important to lend them my support to help with their success.

First plein air this season, Whittier Birthplace

John Greenlief Whittier Birthplace 8x10" original oil plein air
I went out two days for this one in Haverhill at Whittier Birthplace.  I started out to do a traditional tonalist version and changed to a more impressionist version because of the color of the house.  This view is uphill looking down, still capturing the entrance and with a back view.  There are barns, sheds on the other side of the street and while I was there two guys came by and worked with tractors that were beautiful to look at, especially the red/orange one, so another painting or two might come from that. Whittier Birthplace

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunset on Bear Hill Road is at Rockport Show

12x36" oil, Sunset on Bear Hill Rd. $900

This painting is currently at the Rockport Art Association in Rockport MA.  
There is a reception this coming Sunday afternoon from 2-4 open to all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OK the online entry worked!

Yup, I'm happy at last.  I successfully did the online entry for two paintings to the regional show and now the waiting to hear if I got in starts. 

I did get a couple of tickets today at the Newburyport Art Association to a one-man play this weekend called "Vincent" (about Vincent van Gogh).  I'm going with one of my favorite people, Gail Milton. Details on my "adventures" blog.  Mary's Adventure Blog

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Submitting electronically to shows

I thought I had it licked.  But no.  In the past I have had every possible problem when trying to save a jpg appropriately and either submit online or by CD.  Yesterday I tried to submit to the regional show by online submission.  Everything looked fine.  They didn't receive it.  I must be close to solving this unending problem, and I'll try again in a few minutes, if it doesn't work I'll have to make the CD.  In the past, I had troubles saving to the CD and in fact even had to have my CD drive replaced.  I think the gods are against me, but I'm just too stubborn to give up.

I am close, however, to completing all the other things that I've had on the back burner for probably years about administration tasks related to my art business.  Once that is completed, I'll get back to the actual business of art which is PAINTING!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Computer stuff and art stuff

After a nice walk yesterday where I got some nice photos of my neighborhood in the snow, I had a lesson from Angela's boyfriend, Edison, on how to put a photo on a CD after saving it in the appropriate manner according to exhibition entry rules.  He also helped me with a new web building software that looks promising so maybe this time I'll be able to "get it".  I look at building the website as another art experience.

After that I packaged up all my supplies to take to the Wakefield exhibition.  When I arrived at Wakefield the managers of the performance center helped me unload and I was able to set up very nicely before the audience for Jay Psaros's performance arrived.  Everyone was very nice and I got a lot of valuable feedback and was overall very pleased that I had this opportunity to participate in this venture where they are pairing musical artists with visual artists.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm catching up...

I've been redesigning my bios and business cards, designing and doing data entry for my new inventory sheet and an activity sheet for all the ins and outs of keeping track of where my work is.  So much time has been spent on this but it does feel good to have things in order.  I also re-photographed every painting and saved it in the manner that is necessary for entering shows, etc.  I make a slide show which I now can bring along to exhibits and will give that a trial run this Saturday in Wakefield, and I can play nice quiet jazz in the background!  This photo work enabled me to easily insert a picture of each work next to it's inventory number on my sheet, how sweet it is!  Now if I can only get busy with my official web site which has been seriously neglected for too long.  I hope I can report good news in that area soon.

I can hardly believe how much is involved with carting paintings to an exhibition event.  I'm the only one, so the set-up and equipment is entirely up and to me--all for one night.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sage Gallery Show, Haverhill MA

I delivered two paintings and two bin works to the Sage Gallery today for their upcoming show.  I entered an abstract painting called, The Eagle; and a representational plein air work called Stevens Coolidge Place, North Andover, MA.  Sorry about the poor photograph, I have a better one but I can't find it.  I've been working in Photoshop's Elements lately and grouping things in a more organized way, but I'm not clear about how to find them directly on the hard drive.

Awards will be presented during opening reception Saturday, March 10th 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  I won't be able to attend as I'll be showing my work in Wakefield that evening at their performance center.
Most Popular Award will be announced at the end of the exhibit.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy day, hard work

All my paintings are now inventoried and hung, except for those that are on their way to various shows and exhibitions.  This is also the space where the classes are being held.