Sunday, March 11, 2012

Computer stuff and art stuff

After a nice walk yesterday where I got some nice photos of my neighborhood in the snow, I had a lesson from Angela's boyfriend, Edison, on how to put a photo on a CD after saving it in the appropriate manner according to exhibition entry rules.  He also helped me with a new web building software that looks promising so maybe this time I'll be able to "get it".  I look at building the website as another art experience.

After that I packaged up all my supplies to take to the Wakefield exhibition.  When I arrived at Wakefield the managers of the performance center helped me unload and I was able to set up very nicely before the audience for Jay Psaros's performance arrived.  Everyone was very nice and I got a lot of valuable feedback and was overall very pleased that I had this opportunity to participate in this venture where they are pairing musical artists with visual artists.

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