Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm catching up...

I've been redesigning my bios and business cards, designing and doing data entry for my new inventory sheet and an activity sheet for all the ins and outs of keeping track of where my work is.  So much time has been spent on this but it does feel good to have things in order.  I also re-photographed every painting and saved it in the manner that is necessary for entering shows, etc.  I make a slide show which I now can bring along to exhibits and will give that a trial run this Saturday in Wakefield, and I can play nice quiet jazz in the background!  This photo work enabled me to easily insert a picture of each work next to it's inventory number on my sheet, how sweet it is!  Now if I can only get busy with my official web site which has been seriously neglected for too long.  I hope I can report good news in that area soon.

I can hardly believe how much is involved with carting paintings to an exhibition event.  I'm the only one, so the set-up and equipment is entirely up and to me--all for one night.

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