Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunlit Red Lily, 9x12

This is another gorgeous red lily from my garden on a very bright sunny day, probably during my morning cruise around the garden with my cup of tea (and, of course, my camera).  It's a good size, 9x12", and I got a good start on it with the underpainting, so the challenge for me is to keep the drama of the lily itself and portray the glare of the sun on the background of foliage and other lilies.  (What? Dueling focal points?--stay tuned.)  I have a few appointments today so I'm not sure if I'll have any time to paint, but I seriously can't wait to get started.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Bradford - colorful model

I loved all these colors and it's a study so I had fun.
The Haverhill Art Association sponsors this activity at the Church on Bradford Green on Saturday, the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.  Mark Hayden assists with the portrait section.  I hope this girl comes back again.  We paint from 9 to noon with breaks, so about 2 hours for the study.

Monday, Monday

For the past two Mondays, while my student was working on her paintings, I worked on these two flower paintings.  I'm probably not finished with either.  I'm surprised that the flowers lived this long.
Lately, I've taken to working over old paintings, and the larger one of these two (with five kinds of flowers, 8x10") was painted over a study for a landscape.  It's on a canvas over board (cardboard) which I usually only use for studies.  I like my paint to stay on top of the surface and enjoy working on a well-gessoed surface or previously painted surfaces.  This painting has a nice amount of paint on it.
Five Flowers, 8x10", oil on board

Two Flowers, 6x6", oil on plywood panel
 Now this smaller one, 6x6", sucked up the paint like crazy.  It is a 1/4" plywood board, that I only prepared by spraying on water-based Kilz as an experiment.  It definitely needs more coats.  I like the rough texture of the board, and when painting over a sucky surface, the paint has a matt look that is soft and sometimes pretty.  Before working on it today I was going to put on a coat of Liquin and that would have sealed it enough so the paint would stay on top, but I didn't.

Tiger Lilies, 6x6", oil on plywood panel

Yesterday I finished my Tiger Lily small painting.  It's 6x6" on the same 1/4" plywood with the Kilz primer coat but it has lots of oil paint from working on it probably three or four different times.  It was started outside during the summer.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spooky Tree for DPW Challenge

Scary Tree, DPW Challenge, $25, 5x7"
In the spirit of Halloween, I've painted this to support the Spooky Tree Challenge on DPW.
I was looking at my photos to find one I wanted to do for a long time of two trees intertwined with vines, but found this one and it looked scary so I did this one instead.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

the bomb landed

Super super sadness, my favorite online art friend is dying.

Robert Genn

He writes a twice weekly newsletter that I look forward to reading all the time.  He just received word that he has about a year to live.  In his inimitable way, his newsletter this time is titled "The Bomb".

Please read him while you can.  What a void will be left.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Early morning daylily, 6x6

Morning Daylily, 6x6, oil on gessoed plywood board
Started to paint this one last summer and finished it yesterday.  It's always such a joy in the morning to go out into the garden to see "what's up".  I get so inspired and motivated when I see a new flower open up and know that it's only here for one day.  I have to admit that since it's now Autumn, that seems to have an effect on the way that I finished this one.  I have another unfinished painting that I'll work on as soon as I can find the photo, and it's a couple of Tiger Lilys.  I love those; they are so unusual, and this year I didn't have a big crop but managed to get some photos which I hope I can find.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Burano Window, 12x12"

Burano Window, 12x12, Oil on board
In Burano, Italy, an island in the Venice archipelago, they have very colorful houses with flowers in the windows.  Their fisherman husbands can see their houses from the water.  This was one of the two photos supplied by Dreama during my workshop in early October at Westford, MA.  Co-incidentally, I was in Burano about 5 days before Dreama was there this last September.  I'm going to look through my photos for another nice reference that I can paint.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Italian flowers on a wall 12x12

Italian Flowers on a Wall with Grapes 12x12
This painting was one of two paintings that everyone in Dreama's group painted during her workshop in Westford, MA.  We each had a photo of the subject and tried to interpret it in her technique using a transparent underpainting.  If you went to her blog you would see how some others in the group interpreted the photo.  Tomorrow I'll post the other painting of the window in Burano with flowers.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Orange Day Lily Finished

Orange Day Lily, 6x6", Oil on board
I'm happy with this one, it was a quick painting done in plein air during the summer of 2013 in my backyard.  I have many varieties of day lilies. This is your typical wild day lily that spreads fairly quickly and is tall.  Someone once told me that I like orange, and until then, I didn't realize that I use a lot or orange in my living spaces, businesses, clothes, and now paint.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Orange Daylily 6x6"

Orange Daylily, 6 6", oil on board
I painted this one when it was in bloom this summer and have to touch it up a bit and then I'll post it to the Daily Paint Works web site.  I love that site.  I especially like the color combination here on this painting, the background greens are just what I wanted.  I think it was because of a dark underpainting.  It will also be on my sales site:  Mary's Art Shop.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Two Sunflowers (improved)

Thursday I worked on the "Two Sunflower" painting as I wanted to make changes to the leaves and background.  I'm more pleased with it now.  It leans more towards the realistic--the leaves having more form.
This painting is still in progress, it's a window in Burano, Italy, that was painted in the workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry recently.
I'll be working on this one today.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two Sunflowers

Two Sunflowers, oil on stretched canvas, 10x20", $250
These dynamic colored sunflowers catch my eye every time I walk by them.  Rich, juicy paint and a serpentine somewhat abstract background design in earthy colors help the yellows to pop. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four in Four Challenge Completed

Mary Pyche, 12x12", oil on canvas, For Grandpa. $150
This was my submission to Carol's 4 in 4 Challenge.  I painted one a day for four days.  That wasn't the challenge however, it was to paint an object on three colors of paper four different times.  My photo is dark, maybe I'll go in and try to lighten it.  I fussed over the first one, taking photos, cropping them, printing them out and painting from one of them.  Then I noticed that the colors were more vivid in real life as opposed to the printed photo, so I painted the other three from life.

The price is $150 and you can reach me by email:  mypche@comcast.net

It is painted on canvas and will be affixed to gatorboard or masonite, your choice. 

I haven't been submitting to DPW for a long time now and have to spend some time improving my site and getting my PayPal going, etc.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Two in Four

Yesterday I painted the second tea cup of the Four in Four challenge on Daily Paint Works.  It is very different from the first one, color-wise,  and the colored papers are the same ones.  I'm curious to see what will happen with the next one.  Different times of the day contribute to the changes in colors with natural lighting, so maybe that's it. 

This morning I'm working with my student and will be painting on my tall sunflower painting, working on getting the background, which is somewhat abstract, to work out.  I'm trying for lots of colors.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carol's Four in Four


I was motivated to do Carol Marine's Four in Four challenge yesterday and got started with the first of four paintings.  The first one is almost done.  I take so long to get ready, working on the arrangement of the set up, taking photos, cropping them, studying them to see what the angles are and what happens with the colors as the shadows cross the different colored paper that the subject is standing on, the lighting effects, natural or spot lit, etc.  BTW, I'm doing a white tea cup on three colored pieces of paper (the three pieces of colored paper with one item on it is the challenge).  The three colored pieces of paper also takes time to decide on.  I started with two greens and pink, and then settled on yellow, orange and pink with mostly natural lighting.  I painted from the cropped photo and then realized that the colors are much more vibrant from the still life arrangement, that's why I'm not finished, I'll punch up the colors. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bradford MA, today's model

After working with Dreama's wild and crazy colors, actually her colors are not crazy but I guess mine are for now, this study was a little Halloweenish.  I'd guess that we spend close to 2 hours on our studies and we meet every other Saturday morning.

The photo is more yellowish that it really is and I played with editing the color without success.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Still Dreama-ing

I'm still mesmerized with Dreama's process and have been reviewing it in my mind all day.  Unfortunately I won't be able to work on those paintings until late tomorrow because I have a portrait session with model in the morning but I will try this technique there on the portrait.  I'll report my results for sure.

Here are the two paintings that we did during the workshop with Dreama.  The routine was that she would talk us through the first third of the process and then we would go to our easels and paint up to that point.  Then a second talk and demo through the second phase and again we go back to our easels.  After lunch the final phase.  Actually I'm not sure about where lunch fell in, but lunch was provided and it was tasty fresh and wonderful each day.

The key to the procedure is to use only transparent paint on the first layer, not necessarily a notan but to be planning for the next layer and how this under painting would work it's way up through the second layer which uses your full palette.  Importantly a 50/50 mix of turp and linseed oil is the medium for the first layer and then as little medium as necessary for the second layer, preferably only paint.  It is meant to be an alla prima application, wet into wet.  If heavier application of paint is desired then more oil (as is usually the case, fat over lean) would be used.  In this way the paint will dry properly from the outside in.
Unfinished Mary Pyche painting, I'll be increasing the intensity and key.

Unfinished Mary Pyche painting, I'll be making adjustments to the design.
 Here is the community effort painting (the paint-a-round or Musical Painting) which I won't change a thing on and by which I will always remember this great group of painters and the experiences of the past few days.
8x8" Sunflower by Musical Painting
Tomorrow--portrait session, I wonder how this process will work then?

Waking up from Dreama

Sadly our workshop is over today and it ended with a bang.  A talk about promotion in the morning, a demo by Dreama's husband of the Square to ring up sales, and a paint-a-round (which was great fun and very insightful), lunch, and the afternoon of painting our own photo rounded up the last day.  We had so much fun and had such a great group of fellow painters that it made the workshop extra nice.  It would have been nice to have one more day to work out the problems we faced when we were adrift on our own trying to apply this new technique, but otherwise it was perfect.

These pictures are of the paint-a-round paintings.  We start at our own easel and then travel around to about 8 other easels to paint on each for 5-10 minutes.  The big surprise is how nice they all ended up!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dreama, Day 2

Painting in progress         

A very successful day for everyone.  What a difference a day makes.  It's delightful to work with such luscious color.  At the end of the day I enjoyed visiting with everyone else to see their work.  It was very exciting.  I hope we get to put them all together and take a picture.

Today will be more business oriented with talks on promoting one's work, also there will be a paint-around and then in the afternoon we work from our own photo to do a painting.  This proved to be more difficult for me to do than I thought--choosing a photo to work with lots of colors.  I guess the lesson I need to learn is simplicity.  Well, among many others!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dreama's workshop

So this is a dream come true, attending Dreama's workshop this week.  Started today and goes for two more days.  Since it fits into my painting adventures category, I have posted the first day's story there.:   Mary Pyche's Painting Adventures
Parish Center for the Arts, Westford, MA.

Dreama in action

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunflowers, painting in class

Elaine's unfinished painting

My unfinished painting

I enjoyed talking photos today of the beautiful giant sunflowers I bought to paint in my lesson today with Elaine.  We had a great time with them and got a good start.  By next week I fear these flowers will only be a memory, or we will have to paint almost dead versions.  Who knows?  It was interesting though that even cut flowers follow the sun and change their look every few minutes.