Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, Monday

For the past two Mondays, while my student was working on her paintings, I worked on these two flower paintings.  I'm probably not finished with either.  I'm surprised that the flowers lived this long.
Lately, I've taken to working over old paintings, and the larger one of these two (with five kinds of flowers, 8x10") was painted over a study for a landscape.  It's on a canvas over board (cardboard) which I usually only use for studies.  I like my paint to stay on top of the surface and enjoy working on a well-gessoed surface or previously painted surfaces.  This painting has a nice amount of paint on it.
Five Flowers, 8x10", oil on board

Two Flowers, 6x6", oil on plywood panel
 Now this smaller one, 6x6", sucked up the paint like crazy.  It is a 1/4" plywood board, that I only prepared by spraying on water-based Kilz as an experiment.  It definitely needs more coats.  I like the rough texture of the board, and when painting over a sucky surface, the paint has a matt look that is soft and sometimes pretty.  Before working on it today I was going to put on a coat of Liquin and that would have sealed it enough so the paint would stay on top, but I didn't.

Tiger Lilies, 6x6", oil on plywood panel

Yesterday I finished my Tiger Lily small painting.  It's 6x6" on the same 1/4" plywood with the Kilz primer coat but it has lots of oil paint from working on it probably three or four different times.  It was started outside during the summer.

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