Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carol's Four in Four


I was motivated to do Carol Marine's Four in Four challenge yesterday and got started with the first of four paintings.  The first one is almost done.  I take so long to get ready, working on the arrangement of the set up, taking photos, cropping them, studying them to see what the angles are and what happens with the colors as the shadows cross the different colored paper that the subject is standing on, the lighting effects, natural or spot lit, etc.  BTW, I'm doing a white tea cup on three colored pieces of paper (the three pieces of colored paper with one item on it is the challenge).  The three colored pieces of paper also takes time to decide on.  I started with two greens and pink, and then settled on yellow, orange and pink with mostly natural lighting.  I painted from the cropped photo and then realized that the colors are much more vibrant from the still life arrangement, that's why I'm not finished, I'll punch up the colors. 

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