Thursday, February 28, 2013

The DaVinci Club, Phase 2

Today started the first lesson of the second phase of my class program referred to as The DaVinci Club.  This student has completed the requirements of the first phase of the classes which are loaded with lessons and information of an academic nature that provide the underpinnings of skills needed to become a good painter/artist.  The DaVinci Club blog page.

I am very proud of the accomplishments of this student and here are a few photos of her work today.  She is the second person who has completed the course.  Both of these students have made amazing progress, so either they were exceptional students or my course curriculum is very successful or both.  I will continue to provide this very necessary course and monitor the results.  

The subject of our exercise

3 10-minute paintings and 1 30-minute painting

Learning to Gesso

Close up of the color versions of the 10-minute applies.

Student at work at easel with still-life.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How NOT to varnish a painting

"Lemoncello", oil painting
This painting has been finished for a long time and well-framed with a paper backing, etc, so I didn't want to remove it from it's frame in order to try to even out the 'shine' of the varish.  So I masked off the frame to  use a spray varnish.  Varnish will sink in at various degrees depending on the treatments of paint and the mediums that were used during the painting process.  It still has not evened off to my satisfaction, so when this is dry, I'll try another method.  Learning art is a never-ending process and it takes longer if you try to reinvent the wheel as you proceed.  Sometimes I have had to learn by my mistakes.  As I recall, I did the background of this painting over and over and that is where the variations of shine are occurring.

Today's Outlook Collage I

Today's Outlook, Snapshot, February 2013
This is a collage, 11x14", capturing clippings from a single day's news, which happened to strike me that day as a very dark day in the news.  I'm experimenting with some variations on using newsprint and finishes. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Museums, Receptions, Talk Radio

Wow, it's been a while, but I've been busy.  I'm working on portraits and palettes for portraits but it seems that the season for visiting museums and attending receptions is back in full swing, weather permitting.  I've been mesmerized lately with listening to "stuff" while painting.  There are so many wonderful videos and radio shows online.  I even use them for bedtime stories, so I'm doing art from when I wake to when I sleep at night.

A couple of art friends had receptions this past week, well, more than a couple but I only went to two.  Also Rockport had a reception and show of their permanent collection on Friday night and Lynn Murray and I went to Whistler Museum in Lowell for the last day of the Atelier show there.  I spoke with the director about painting in the museum, copying a Hibbard, and he will set up an appointment with me!

My favorite art person this week was Rose Frantzen.  Maybe I mentioned her before.  Also art broadcasts by BBC on You Tube, great history lessons on the "isms" and various famous artists and their styles.

Unfortunately I haven't painted for about three days now because of trying to install a wireless printer that even my computer guru couldn't accomplish, yet.

I hope to report soon that I've licked the portrait thing.  In the meantime, I'm off in yet another direction with newspaper clippings embedded as an art piece. My Gemini brain is going nuts.

Also my art student should be returning this week to start Phase II of her art course--Painting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Results of Rhythm's vote for your favorite painting

The winner of the raffle at Rhythm Cafe's favorites votes and the recipient of the small painting, "Bowl Stack", was Daniel Shaw of Haverhill, MA.  I mailed it to hm today.
The favorite painting was the tryptic Bear Hill Road Sunset by a large margin. 
The second place was Bear Hill Road Sunset, the 12x36" version.
And third place was Tree Shadows.
Surprisingly, there was a small painting called "The Swing" that almost tied for third.
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who voted.

Settled in at Sage

Since I took down the show at Rhythm Cafe yesterday morning and I didn't think Sage was open on Mondays, I brought four popular paintings there today and removed the place holder painting that I had left there until the Rhythm show was closed.  Then I had to find space to store about 25 paintings here in my presentation space.  Sage is planning a reception in March and trying to purchase a newspaper ad to advertise this exhibit and the reception.
I'm trying to decide whether to pursue an idea to attend Jonathan Talbot's workshop in April. I think it would be helpful with regard to the centurion project I'm planning to do that requires working one way or another with newspaper clippings.  It's a 4 1/2 drive to NY so that's the hangup. It's a great opportunity but on the other hand, there are tons of videos on You Tube that would cover many issues that I would come across.
I'll decide by this coming weekend as I've asked him to hold my seat.  What should I do?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Collage-Acrylic Image Transfer

during the process

finished experiment

another experiment, I figured out how to flip the "100".

newspaper worked very well
See my movie of the same name:  Collage-Acrylic Image Transfer

During the storm I did an experiment given to me by Jonathan Talbot himself!  I was so delightfully surprised to receive a phone call the other night from him in answer to an email I had written mentioning that I had read his book and had problems making transfers.  Let me make it clear that those problems were before reading his book.  As the above movie will testify, doing it correctly resulted in success.

The following day or so I spent making the movie.  Then after it was posted to You Tube I found many other videos on the same subject and handled in many various techniques--a very interesting subject.  My little movie is very short and only gives a brief glimpse of the process so anyone interested in photo transfer should do a bit of research and I recommend Jonathan's book:  "Acrylic Image Transfer, A Handbook for Artists".  He also does seminars, workshops, and has many products to aid in the process such as a hard-to-find paper that would make it easier and quicker to remove the backing once it's gelled down.

Go to for details.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Daniel Greene's palette

Today I set out Daniel Greene's palette to work on my first head of George to get back in shape with portrait painting.  So far so good.  I started it yesterday with the drawing, measuring, etc.

Also today I had lunch at Rhythm Cafe with a friend who wanted to see my show there.  I take that show down next Monday morning and bring some of those paintings to Sage Art Gallery until the end of March.
Something is wrong with their site right now, but the hours are Mon-Wed 10-4 and Sat and Sun with limited hours.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun, new invention

I'm working on a portrait and having a little trouble seeing the small differences in sizing here and there so I got a piece of 1/4 inch graph paper and photocopied it onto a piece of overhead projector clear sheet and now I have a wonderful measuring device to use to compare small differences and measurements!  I love McIvering stuff to suit my needs.