Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How NOT to varnish a painting

"Lemoncello", oil painting
This painting has been finished for a long time and well-framed with a paper backing, etc, so I didn't want to remove it from it's frame in order to try to even out the 'shine' of the varish.  So I masked off the frame to  use a spray varnish.  Varnish will sink in at various degrees depending on the treatments of paint and the mediums that were used during the painting process.  It still has not evened off to my satisfaction, so when this is dry, I'll try another method.  Learning art is a never-ending process and it takes longer if you try to reinvent the wheel as you proceed.  Sometimes I have had to learn by my mistakes.  As I recall, I did the background of this painting over and over and that is where the variations of shine are occurring.

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