Thursday, February 28, 2013

The DaVinci Club, Phase 2

Today started the first lesson of the second phase of my class program referred to as The DaVinci Club.  This student has completed the requirements of the first phase of the classes which are loaded with lessons and information of an academic nature that provide the underpinnings of skills needed to become a good painter/artist.  The DaVinci Club blog page.

I am very proud of the accomplishments of this student and here are a few photos of her work today.  She is the second person who has completed the course.  Both of these students have made amazing progress, so either they were exceptional students or my course curriculum is very successful or both.  I will continue to provide this very necessary course and monitor the results.  

The subject of our exercise

3 10-minute paintings and 1 30-minute painting

Learning to Gesso

Close up of the color versions of the 10-minute applies.

Student at work at easel with still-life.

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