Monday, February 11, 2013

Collage-Acrylic Image Transfer

during the process

finished experiment

another experiment, I figured out how to flip the "100".

newspaper worked very well
See my movie of the same name:  Collage-Acrylic Image Transfer

During the storm I did an experiment given to me by Jonathan Talbot himself!  I was so delightfully surprised to receive a phone call the other night from him in answer to an email I had written mentioning that I had read his book and had problems making transfers.  Let me make it clear that those problems were before reading his book.  As the above movie will testify, doing it correctly resulted in success.

The following day or so I spent making the movie.  Then after it was posted to You Tube I found many other videos on the same subject and handled in many various techniques--a very interesting subject.  My little movie is very short and only gives a brief glimpse of the process so anyone interested in photo transfer should do a bit of research and I recommend Jonathan's book:  "Acrylic Image Transfer, A Handbook for Artists".  He also does seminars, workshops, and has many products to aid in the process such as a hard-to-find paper that would make it easier and quicker to remove the backing once it's gelled down.

Go to for details.

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