Friday, February 20, 2015

Sold 2 paintings on DPW

.....I'm going to start getting up at 7 a.m. again to get everything done.

How sweet...
I've posted two paintings and they both got initial auction bids right away.  Very exciting. 

Love my email...
Why does it take me so long to read my emails?  Well, I try to scan down and attend to anything that looks somewhat urgent, then I go back through and delete all junk(ish) mail, then I go through quickly to see which of my subscribed posts looks interesting to read, and I delete any that only need a cursory look.

I learn so much from so many of these nationally known artists who are posting to their blogs with very good and helpful information. It's almost like getting an art magazine in your snail mailbox everyday.  So when I'm painting, every two hours or so I need a break, and having these interesting blogs to read on my break makes it easier to stop for a short while and take the break.  I have to set a timer so I'll get back to work.

Etsy Shop
I need a plan about posting to Etsy.  When I put up a painting for the Daily Paintworks auction, I have to wait a couple of weeks to see if it sells before I can post it to the Etsy Shop. 

Food for the reception
I researched finger food and snacks and went to the grocery story.  Friday night I'll prepare most of the snacks and some will be prepared on Saturday early morning.

I didn't get to paint but have a plan for the next sections of the molding. 

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