Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Studio work today!

And it's still snowing.
 After an hour or so on the computer doing the administrative stuff one has to do to keep above water (in this case here today, above snow) I headed up to start painting something.  At first it felt like going into a dark cave and not knowing what to expect.  I've not painted for about a week and have finished that big show which is all I could think about.

No definite plans for what is coming next.  A mystery to me that I'll share with you.  The thermometer read 39  degrees and I turned on the heater and came back down to have another cup of tea.  I actually like cool space for working.  I did a lot of reorganizing and rearranged some painting areas so I could work on a couple of big things at a time and the temp got up to 59 degrees, felt pretty warm.  I'm very happy with how I came up with a good solution for situating my big canvases on my easel.  I've tried many things over the years and this one feels like it will work the best.  I have a 4x8' homasote panel for an easel.  I thought of a few ideas and ended up using it like a peg board, putting holes every two inches and using a 4' level I've had forever as the ledger board--it has holes in it that grab the hangers and it's just the right width.
New fandangled shelf to rest painting on, adjustable.  Close-up at bottom of this page.

View of the left side and the "George the Bartender" painting that should be #3 on my to do list.

View of right side with "The Door" oil painting and an acrylic painting at the next station.  

New shelf in action.  I use pushpins with elastic at the top corners.

The Door painting needs the door frame yet to be completed.   

These are the three sweater layers I wore and the hat.  I was warm enough.

I think this will work really well, simplicity itself, quick and easy to move.

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