Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Visit to library today, labeled most works

Labeling Work
I wanted to complete the labeling of the hanging works today, but one of the artists didn't email me her information and I didn't realize it until I got there.  So I'll have to make some more labels and return another time.  I also tried to take photos of the works today but there was a lot of reflection on the glass framed works.  I didn't have time to take them down and shoot them, so I'll allow for extra time next time I go there to do that.  
Meeting People
The nice thing was that I met about a half dozen people while I was there who came to look at the show and I enjoyed talking with them.  People who live here are so real.  Most who came in knew some of the people we painted.  I wish I could be there all the time to meet and talk with people and hope they will come again on the reception day.  
Cindi's Work
Here is a collage I did of Cindi's work.  I'll have to take some of these photos again, but I wanted to put something up for show and tell.
Some oils and some pastels done by Cindi Deimantas

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