Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tuesday - Getting there

I'm hoping for uninterrupted focus today so I'm going up early to use the best hours of the day for problem solving, then when I need a break, I'll do my administrative work for a shift from left to right brain.
New Blog for reference
I created a new blog as a virtual reference tool for myself and my art friends and art students whereby I can easily find answers without looking in actual files by trying to make good 'labels' and using the search function on the blog .  I am always printing out articles of interest then who knows where they end up.  Maybe this will help me and save paper in the process.  Some artists have a treasure trove of information on their sidebars.  I don't want to make this a concerted effort to be a complete reference tool, but when I do find something worth saving, I can save it here.  Art Working Notes is one name for the blog, but I'm still thinking, maybe Art File Cabinet--that could be the sub title? 
The Jungle Gym
I could have painted 20 actual door frames compared to this little corner of the "door" painting.  I'll take my time keep at it because every once in a while something works out right.  I have worked out most of the kinks so that the rest should go smoothly.  I have to move the large canvas around and move furniture around and chairs, maul sticks, ducking down, etc. so much, I feel like a kid on the jungle gym. 
Instagram on talk radio
I've been listening to blog talk radio while painting.  I go in and out of being able to notice what is being said.  I will listen to this episode again for sure because they are talking about Instagram and sometimes mention other software that sounds great to use.  I love this stuff. Click here to listen.
Geranium post
During one of my breaks, I decided to post a flower painting to Etsy only to find out that I never took a final photo of it nor posted it anywhere.  It was on show a year ago, but totally escaped the usual inventory process. 
Geranium, 6x6" oil on board

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