Saturday, February 28, 2015

Interesting art activities and research

I really like doing research.  Time flies, just like while I'm painting.  Now that I have my reference blog, I'm having a place to 'dump' stuff that I want to read in-depth later.  I learned a lot today.

I packaged up the other painting that was sold this week and took it to the post office.  While making up the package, I realized that I should put some sort of flyer of information to assist the buyer with understanding some aspects of art in general and how to properly display the art, how to frame it, attach the wires, etc.  So I've spent most of the day today writing up something for that and it involved doing the research as I didn't want to rely on my opinions alone.

Stuff to put into the package
I dug out some small works and decided to do some improvements to them--like I need more stuff to do!  Well, this mostly would be so I can keep posting to DPW and Etsy.  I still haven't figured out what paintings to post to which.

I also gave some thought to naming the 'door' painting, but haven't landed on anything yet. I hope naming it won't take as long as painting it.  And I'm not sayin' how long that has been!

Now, I'm pretty excited that tomorrow is the beginning of March.  I used to hate March, but after this February, not any more.

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