Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Other artist stuff for a couple of days.

I decided to do a small booklet for the "Thank You" enclosure and learned some software and worked on a book cover for the 17 page opus.  It was a fun departure from painting.

I was thinking about doing blank note cards, but square envelopes are pretty high priced and with the cost of photo card stock and ink, it wouldn't be a good use of my time because there would only be a small profit margin.  And I didn't know this but, it costs more postage to mail a square envelope.

I was thinking about what my smallest artwork is and what is my largest:  My smallest is 4x4", not counting thumbnails, and my largest is 4feet by 7 feet.

In the art business, what is considered small?  Mostly 11x14 and under, not a rule, sometimes 8x10 or 9x12 and under.  I use the distinction for my own inventory purposes.  Some shows have their own distinctions.

I've working with digital art over the past 2 days with another day to go.  Learning more about 'Word' software, I used to be a WordPerfect only person, but now I use both.  I go to the one that will get the job done quickest.  Once I'm more familiar with 'Word', I'll probably use that one, there is a mind shift necessary to recognize the departments which are differently displayed.

I took a break from painting the door painting, and in the meantime today I painted a new small painting and re-worked two others.  They can be found for sale on Daily Paintworks.
6x6" Flower Market Auction starts at $40

6x6" German Road Auction starts at $40

Sunflowers with Stripes 6x9.25" Auction starts at $60

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