Thursday, March 5, 2015

2 Auction Pics in one day! WOW

After a fulfilling day yesterday, I'm back at working on the door. I am a bit thrilled that I have finally finished painting the moulding around the door!  The next phase of the painting will be on the open door itself.  It's a white door with a big pane of glass in the middle of it.  You see glimpses of the garden greenery through that glass section and the white door will have variations of colors of white. I have a couple of hindges to paint as well.  Then the next phase will be to study how the shadows below the door would fall.  Without actually having a scene to observe, this will be difficult.  How is the naming going?  Not good.  I'm thinking about 'Inside Out".
The lights shining on it are casting a glare FYI, but you can see some of the progress.
My mind is also on a large acrylic painting I'm working on and would like to finish to submit to the Rockport Contributors Show the end of this month.
This is the under painting for the acrylic painting, 30x40"

I added another painting to the DPW site, and although I won these honors (below) I can't even find them on the auction site myself!  There are always a large number of entries every day so before the auction is over there are probably more than a thousand to pick from.  It is amazing that I occasionally get a sale from there.


  1. Mary, I think I remember the beginning of this painting. Wonderful to see it nearing completion!

    1. Yes you do! I have a photo of me and Vickie standing in the hallway at MFA with our big paintings! I can't wait to take another photo standing beside it when it's finished. I hope I can find the old photo and post it side-by-side. I am still wearing the same lab coat even.