Monday, March 16, 2015

Painting with acrylics is working out

Camera stuff
It took a while but I finally got the photos off my memory card from the broken camera.  It was a project, the solution was simple, but getting there wasn't.  I took a couple of photos with the new camera, but I haven't set it up yet or read the book.  There is always a new learning curve, isn't there?

Using acrylics
Watched some videos, looking for ways to organize myself while doing acrylic paintings.  I painted for probably 6 hours and I'm liking working with acrylics so far.  My hold back right now is being afraid to ruin brushes.  Everyone says acrylics are so hard on brushes, so I'm only using old brushes that are already ruined somewhat.  I'm getting better at not making such a mess of myself and the surrounding area.

Weather report
It is snowing today and we definitely got the 2" they say we need to break the all-time record but I haven't turned on the TV to find out.

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