Monday, March 23, 2015

Garden Pathways-ready to frame

The Garden Pathways After the Rain
I repainted the paths several more times, can't get the effect I wanted.  I'm finished for now.
After the Rain, 30x40" acrylic on stretched canvas
Maybe my studio lights are also giving me troubles.
I am afraid that when it's hung at Rockport it will look different again.
I decided on a rather plain wood frame and will attach it to the strip frame I'll make and stain the same color and add a reveal or gutter.  The wood compliments the greens.

Still can't figure out this camera, and now I set something so the screen is black and you have to look through the viewfinder.  The colors looked dusty and not very green.  Using the enhancer in the smart mode in the post processor (Elements-Photoshop) gives me more accurate color.

3 days left
I stopped today at Home Depot and got the strips and stain to make the frame tomorrow.

Click here to see another of my palm trees in today's DPW auction entry.

Interesting story in today's Globe about avant-guard art.

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