Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Preparation for framing

Framing the Garden
I painted the gutter strip brick red and stained the outer strip that the picture frame molding will be attached to.

What's Next?
I'll go back to working on the 'door' and make some adjustments before tackling the lower section of the open door and it's cast shadows.

Student Resuming
My student will be resuming her studies with me starting early April.  She's excited to get outdoors and paint the landscape.

Camera Lesson
I was going to return my camera because I couldn't figure out how to learn about the color settings, but a friend came over and helped me to understand some of the settings and download the big manual, so I guess I'll be ok once I have the time to study the 214 pages.  Another good thing about this is that I have a BIG camera, that I've had for probably more than 5 years, and I never used it for this same reason--there are lots of manual settings that I couldn't understand.  That camera is a lot better than a point-and-shoot and it would take much better photos of my finished paintings.

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