Friday, March 20, 2015

Time Management-not the best

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   Time Management-show countdown
   Bad Pictures Colorwise-new camera
   The Business End-50%?
   Getting Out of the House-necessities
   Would You Believe?

Time Management
A bunch of things that took up too much time today and I didn't paint on the garden painting and since everything is going south, I better wait until tomorrow or I'll make mistakes.  The countdown to deliver this painting is 6 days from now.  I guess that is one advantage of painting with acrylics.

Bad Pictures Colorwise
I decided to add 5 palm tree paintings to my DPW page and couldn't locate those files on my computer so I tried to take new photos with my new camera.  The colors are way off, and this camera should be taking better pictures than my old one.  So I really need to read up on this new camera.
After uploading one photo, I decided to wait and see if I could get a better picture and then load the palm tree paintings up one day at a time. I never put them up before for the same reason, the colors just are nowhere like the paintings.
I did try to fix it with the post processing but couldn't get anywhere.
For example, the sky is pink and purple and it feels like a hot day.

The Business End
I also had to work on my inventory sheets and did a little other administrative stuff.  The artists on the talk radio shows and in magazines who are asked what percentage of their time they spend on actual painting usually say close to 50% because of all the other things that have to be attended to.
A couple of weeks ago, I made a booklet on Word and today went in to work on it again.  I'm new at Word and couldn't figure it out.  Wow, what a test of my patience.  I was good at WordPerfect and would like to make the change to Word.

Getting Out of the House
I didn't get to the grocery store either, so tomorrow first thing-- I'll grocery shop - and go to the post office to send off the small paintings that have found a home.

Would You Believe?
Then, it was cold in the house when the afternoon came around and upon investigation found that I had run out of oil.   So I had to pay the extra money to have a same day and after hours delivery and have the system restarted.

So now you can see why I should quit while I'm ahead today (or behind, whichever!).

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