Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shopping and running around mostly...

Had to make a quick visit to the studio of Elizabeth Peck at her invitation to participate in an art show this weekend.  She wanted me to see the available space and commit to bringing some work to show.  She showed me her Command Strip Picture Hangers that are so easy to remove and rehang and leave no mark on the walls.  I had never seen this type of hanger and they look great, I can't wait to get some.
There are a few variations of this item, the one above, then it comes in a package of three, and there is also a larger one that holds more weight.  I had to buy all I could get since the stores don't seem to stock many of them.  I think I'll get some online in bulk and redesign my studio presentation space.  The only drawback is that you have to press and hold them for 30 seconds on each side of the sticky tape (once for the metal piece and again against the wall).  Yup, hard work. :)

I did a little work on door and I'll miss the bright stark white that I've been looking at for years, but I'm marching towards the finish line.  It will definitely be better now that I've corrected the perspective for the door.  I found my original drawing for it, imagine that.  There is a tear on the canvas but it doesn't go all the way through, so I should probably get out some sandpaper and gently try to even off those edges.

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