Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prepping for weekend show

Tuesday the plumber installed my new water heater.
I'll have 11 large paintings at an art walk this weekend.
I chose the paintings, wrapped them, made tags for them and an inventory list for my friend, Liz who has a great studio at this event.  I had to search all around my area for those Command Hangers but got them and hung the paintings for this weekend's show. It took me three trips from the car to her location with a hand truck, luckily it wasn't windy or raining.

The general public never realizes the behind the scenes work that goes into presenting art--it's sadly not just about the act of painting.  Each artist is his or her own business from top to bottom.

I have to get to work on my inventory list and I have an idea of, yet, another way to organize it.  If I make it like a page in a catalog, each painting having it's own page, I can also use it to show all the work I have tucked away (as well as know myself what I have and where it is).  At this point, I always forget what paintings I put in what shows, and sometimes enter the same paintings again to the same venue without knowing.  I noticed that I just did that for a regional show.

Next up, I have to get to work on the acrylic painting.

My friend and I will be going to the art and design show at Cyclorama in Boston on Saturday, March 28th.  Here is a link to some information and if you have brunch next door at Beehive, you can get free tickets to the show!

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