Sunday, March 8, 2015

Roses are hard

...and I thought rocks were hard.

After completing a little Rose painting for the Daily Paintworks Challenge, I went over to the Atkinson Country Club to see Liz Peck's paintings in a show where they paired artwork with flower arranging.  The show was excellent and especially the flower arrangements in that they were wonderfully related to the work.

I did some more studies for the door itself, remeasured, and have bit the bullet, I'll rework the open door starting today with a redraw and mass in.  I'm fairly convinced that it will be worth it.  After all is said and done, I can say that I did my best.  I should name it the never-ending landscape.

I did want to do a quick painting and took something off the challenge pages of Daily Paintworks.  I chose the rose bush challenge.  I've painted roses before and I always have a very hard time with them.  I guess I'll have to paint a lot more of them before I feel good about doing them.  The best thing about painting flowers is using wonderfully vibrant colors.  In this case, it was the grays that made it look bright and colorful.
Rose Garden, 6x6" oil on board
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