Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stuck in the bushes

Garden Pathways
The upper right corner (bushes and trees) of the garden painting got my attention all day today.  Puddles are still waiting to be done and I'm thinking about how to do them all the time.  Usually I work all over the painting, but this time I'm tackling the sections that are calling out to me, I think in order to keep the relationships working together.  Perhaps this is because I'm new to working in acrylics.  I want it to be finished in only a few more days so I can make the frame and bring it on Wednesday for receiving in Rockport.  Do you think I'll make it?

It seems a little dreary, but it is a rainy day.  I want the paths to brighten it up.  Notice the rose bushes?

Here's a gift
Take a peek at the beautiful work of Clyde Aspevig!

More good news
Sold three more paintings!  I had started to make a small booklet to include with my shipped paintings and this week I don't have time to finish it in order to enclose it with these works.  Maybe I can make up a few abbreviated versions.

Small painting frame options
I like to put the small paintings on easels on tables, shelves, etc., but they look really fabulous in a frame for hanging on your walls.  I especially like some of the frames at King of Frame, mostly the floating versions.  For approx. $40 you can have a very professional, well made, beautifully finished frame, and their floating frames look like your typical frame but you set the painting into it from the front with a couple of spots of glue on the back of the painting.  That frame comes beautifully finished on the backside with paper and wire hangers already attached.

I'll be varnishing this today and it will darken the background--in real life, it's not this purple.
  There is nice juicy paint on the onion.

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