Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Frame complete

Frame for the Garden Painting
This frame was a bit tricky.  I have a strip that is the gutter and it's painted brick red.  Then I have another strip that would generally be the outer strip and the edge would be flush with the surface of the painting, but I'm attaching another strip of actual picture frame molding to that one.  The tricky part is that I cut the first two strips to have a butt joint and I want the picture frame molding to have a mitered corner joint.  I also want to attach the picture frame molding to the strip molding to make it one piece before attaching it to the first strip (gutter strip).  I had the picture frame molding that was given to me years ago by an art association when they were cleaning out their basement, and the rest of the lumber, etc. cost me $55. Well, it all worked out OK.  Here's a photo of the corner of my floater frame.
back view showing butt joint and miter joint

front view showing brick colored gutter

straight on view

side view of outer edge, my stain was a good match
Countdown complete
I'm delivering it to Rockport on Wednesday for their Associate Members Show.

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