Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Day of Rest

Garden Paths perspective

Show this weekend at Lawrence Studios
(where the painting kept falling off the wall)
Carnival - the painting on the wall on the right. 
The hallway by Liz Peck's Studio.  The biggest one on the right kept falling down.
I make my frames, have the molding made at a mill, that one is hard maple but
it's toast now.  I can salvage some of it and make a smaller frame.
I liked this artwork and had my friend and artist, Georgia Renfroe, stand there for size reference.
Famous Artist
If you want to try to be a famous artist, all you have to do it this.  Spend about 5 years at the Angel Academy in Florence.  If you want to see what you would be in for, check this out.  It's 3 years for the fundamental course and 2 years each for 2 post grad programs.  Now I wish I could live to be 100, then I could attend here and still have a few years left to paint!
Paint Palette tip
I like this tip from Tom Brown.
Usually I just leave my paint on the glass palette in my pochade box.  Then when I get home, I just take it out and start painting again, but this would be cleaner, we'll see.

Lately in the studio I've gone back to using my old fashioned hand held palette.  I think because it's light weight and I can hold it and myself closer to my work for those subtle adjustments, all the while using the 20 foot brush!

My Favorite Teacher
Heard from my very favorite art teacher on Friday the 13th.  It meant a lot to me.  He is an amazing teacher.  I ordered a book that was written on him, and here is a link to his web site (note the size of his paintings).

Also dropped my camera, one of my best friends.  Friday the 13th is usually a good day for me, so we'll just suppose that dropping the camera was a good thing?

I have a new friend...Went to Best Buy and got a new camera, Canon PowerShot G16.  I like a small, lightweight camera BUT this one is bigger and heavier :(   The good thing factor?  It has some features that might help me, I'll have to report after I try it out.

Magazine Day
Then when I got home, the mailbox was full of art magazines!  I'm in heaven.  They all came on the same day.  Now, to paint or not to paint, that is the question.  

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