Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another new thing: Sign Up Genius

Is a photo site that has been referenced by several blogging artists lately as a source of lots of photos for painting ideas, inspiration, etc.  You can view them without charge. 

American Pie
I couldn't find another photo today of a painting I wanted to list online.  So I took a photo and posted it on Etsy and DPW and Facebook.  According to the blog talk radio show I listened to about Instagram, when I post it on Instagram, It can multi-post to other most social networks instantly--something that I want to be able to do.

Reception on Saturday
I have to think about food for the reception on Saturday and shop for it.  I sent out an email to all the painters and models and got lots of responses.  I feel better now.  One of the group set up a thing called, and it looks great and already people are signing up and I can see who is bringing what. 

My "Door" is coming along.  
I had to stop painting tonight because I have to contemplate some things about it.  I have finished with the 'color of the year' part - Pantone's  Marsala.  Now I'm on the moldings - 50 shades of gray.  Really.  

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