Sunday, February 22, 2015

Preparation and Reception

I started around 3 p.m. on Friday to prepare the food for the reception Saturday.  I got up early and did a lot on Saturday morning. I'm new at making Salmon cocktail snack pinwheels, but I passed the "Elaine" test.   It came together and everything worked out.  
I did remember to take pictures of the food. 

I made other food as well, but these are pretty pictures.

On Saturday the snow held off until after the reception, nice surprise.  We had a very good time and I'm relieved that everything worked out so well.  Good music - thanks to Ray, and everyone pitched in with set up and take down and many people brought good food, snacks, drinks, etc.

Some of these iPicci collages moved after I placed them, so I have to do some of them over again.
But for now, here are some that I made.

On Friday I re-posted my tiny little baseball painting as an auction on DPW:

and I re-posted my 5x7" church in Italy painting as an auction on DPW

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