Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A problematic day

First thing I had to apply for the next regional show at NAA.  RANT ALERT-- OMG it took me close to 2 hours.  Everytime I had a problem I had to start from scratch.  No I suppose I won't even get in!  I hate their website.  I don't know why, but when I go online to find their site, I sometimes get an older version and since they list the same titles for shows year after year, sometimes I'm getting the wrong dates because it was a different year.  Call me senile.  Oh well, moving on.

This time delay (above) caused me to get really backed up on my schedule for today.  It's 12:30 already.  I took some photos to reference for the molding (door edges) of my door painting.  Loaded up some paintings on my new Etsy account.  I did some computer work, everything I did was problematic, just one of those days.  Even my TV was on the fritz.  I installed some music software to cut music for a skating student, and did my first download of music from iTunes. 

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