Monday, February 23, 2015

Bidding War

...Great Fun
Holy Schmolly, this is the first time there's been a bidding war for one of my paintings!  What fun.  It's only by a dollar here and a dollar there, but it's still fun.  Recently I wanted to buy a painting and lost it at the last minute.  I discovered something that allows you to secure your chances of winning where it bids for you until it reaches your limit.  I didn't do it then, but would do it next time.
...My new reference blog
I'm pretty darn happy with my new blog that is basically a reference tool for myself.  
I've been able to capture and list lots of interesting information there.  
...A quiet day
I won't be able to do much art today except for some reading because 
I have other commitments from 3:30 on but I am looking forward to life after the portrait show!

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