Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bussman's Holiday - Painted the Kitchen

After the Blizzard of 2015 a few days ago, we had another foot or so yesterday.
I better get out there and shovel the deck off before it falls off the house.
Yesterday and today I painted part of my kitchen with Chalkboard paint.  I like the look but it is dark especially at night.

I'm also still doing a few finishing touches for the Library exhibition.  I sprayed clipboards black and will use at least one of them for a sign-up sheet for new models and artists.  I made labels for the reception that will be used by the models and the artists as name tags.  The girls have a cute model picture and it says Meet the Model then they write their name on it, and the boys have the same thing with a different 'model' picture.  The pictures are so cute I wanted to show you.

Meet the Artist 

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