Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Door - how much more?

Door Painting
Moving the door painting around (4 foot by 7 foot) in order to paint on it sideways or upside down is a challenge.  I built the stretcher frame and stretched the canvas and started painting this years ago.  I don't have a lot of room to operate.  I'm thinking, boy I hope I don't put a hole in it now, after all this work and all this time working on it.  I learned from Joel Babb how to make this frame, and I'm very happy with the construction of it since it is very sturdy and does have good hand grips.  It could easily fall onto other tables, etc. that I have nearby. Why would I want to move it like that?  In this section of the painting, there are lots of straight lines, so it's sometimes easier to reach and see the lines better when I move it around.
What's keeping me mind busy while I'm doing these lines?
I've been happily listening to a couple of radio shows with great interviews.  Todays' was Art Chats With Linda Fisler.
Lori's painting.

One was of Lori Putnam talking about how she became an artist, her mentor, her new studio, other things--she is so down to earth.  I took a workshop with her last year in the finger lakes region of NY.  I used the primary palette and the key thing I learned from her is how to find the middle value on the view you have of the scene and how to match it up on your painting.  I like a primary palette especially for outdoors and have always been unable to figure out the middle value relationships between the scene and the painting.  I like her painting style and enjoyed the interview.
Another interview was with Joseph McGurl who has been referred to as one of the acknowledged leaders in the current American landscape school.  He's from the Cape, and I live in Massachusetts too.  He has a thorough education in art and does not use photographs.
Here he is painting at Tuckerman's Ravine.  You know, near the top of Mt. Washington???
Even taking the auto road is a big deal to get there.  Otherwise it's a full day's hike--uphill!
Both these artists's wedsites are www.(their name).com.

Carpet Cleaning, a woman's work, etc......
Got a little delayed because I had to shampoo a rug this morning and I wanted so much to get started very early.
Sold and shipped
Red Geranium has a new owner.
I packaged up the painting I sold and got it out to the post office.
Thank goodness for pressure cookers.  I also made a nice stew.  Now I'm gonna go eat it!

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