Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sundays Persuits

 Another great article - Sebastian Smee
First thing in the a.m., I had the pleasure of reading another wonderful Globe article by Sebastian Smee, my all-time favorite art writer.  The only thing better than art in Boston is reading about it and I have to say that sometimes that table is turned.  I want to read this article again because it is a big walk down memory lane over the past couple of decades and what has happened, most for which I was very much present. 
Time Management
I cancelled the Globe a while ago because it took up too much of my time in the mornings,  I was an addict.  I've tried various ways of limiting my computer work in the mornings, setting alarms, etc. but lately, it is taking more time, probably because it's the first of the year and I will get quicker at it as time goes on, make new routines to update my newest endeavors.
New Invitation
I made corrections to the invitation (fiasco of yesterday) and sent it out to my email list from M to Z.
I love the tricks you can do with Photoshop.
Photo Organization
I'm always trying to find new ways of listing my art so that I can easily and quickly find it on my computer, but it has gotten way out of hand because of all these various attempts to make it better.  Da.  So when I want to list a painting somewhere or enter it in a show digitally I have to find it first, and my inventory process is also lacking.  These are the things that I don't really like to do so they get lost on the back burner.
Anyway I added a few more small gems onto the Etsy page, I spend more time doing this than it's worth, that's for sure, but I feel like it's part of doing everything I can to "keep up with the Jones-es". 
Music and Drawing
Also on today's email, I stumbled onto this extremely interesting article about music and drawing.  Marking it here on my blog will allow me to reference it again when the urge arises.  I'm more or less using this blog as a Pinterest procedure, Pinterest is a wonderful referencing tool.
The Door
The Door (That's not the real name of it, although I'm not sure if I ever gave it a name.) 
This is a riot, really, all of a sudden after looking at the color all day and wondering if I liked it enough to keep it, bam, it struck me that it looked like Pantone's color of the year this year!  Marsala.  OK, I saw it like last week, and voted for it.  They had some multiple choices and I picked that I'd rather have Chicken Marsala, didn't really like it that much, thought is wasn't a happy color.  Well, here are some things that Pantone has to say about it: 


Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in
to its embracing warmth. 
OK, so now I guess I'll keep it after all this wonderful stuff about that color and how nice it looks in any environment.   I never realized it before, but if you go to the Pantone site, they have help for interior decorators whereby they combine their color of the year with many other palettes of colors.  Nice.
I decided (in my 40 degree studio) that I would begin in the upper left hand corner where most of the problems need to be settled.  I also realized that although I don't have the 'scene' of my old doorway to reference, I do have that same color on my walls here in this house.  (When I bought this house, I used the same wall colors and the same ceramic tile on the floors.)  I went down with my camera and took a few photos to find lights, mediums and darks of the pink walls.  I found that that wasn't going to help me because the camera sees color differently.  Hmmm.  Yikes, I realized I could take my palette down and duplicate the colors, yes!  I did and made swatches of the colors in various lighting conditions.  Much to my surprise, it used different color paints that I ever imagined and the darks look way different that I can believe.  Thus the Marsala in shade on the pink wall.  Good thing I own Green Umber paint.

Hard at work

Two chairs worked just fine for my platform this time.  

 For fun, I changed the color of all the subheadings to, guess what, MARSALA!

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