Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just an ordinary day.

It feels strange not to be under the gun, with a finish line approaching.  

I'm getting ready to submit a painting or two to the next juried show 
at Newburyport Art Association on Sunday.  

My lovely compound miter chop saw.

Gluing up the frame.
I made a frame for a 30x40" acrylic painting that I want to submit.  They are renovating the galleries at NAA and they may not want to choose large paintings because of consideration of the space available.  So I think I'll see what else I can submit that is smaller.

I like to frame the large paintings with wood strips.  I miter the corners, easy the edges, glue and nail it up and paint it, in this case a dark gray.  I'll finish the fine points today, repaint it, attach wire, etc.  
I called it "We Run" when I finished it.  It is of a Boston street scene last March and there is a poster on the right edge that says "We Run Together" about the Boston Marathon.  
A cursory view of the painting doesn't match up with the name very well.  

I have a small painting I like and just remembered that I bought some gorgeous new style frames a couple of months ago and never even opened the box.  That's how busy I've been.  Maybe I can find something to put in that frame, don't even remember what size I ordered.  
They are the new Taos frames from Randy Higbee Frame in California. I had to order five of them to get the price discount, and at the time, I definitely wanted one, so there you go, that's how it goes.

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