Monday, January 26, 2015

How does it feel to be ready to install?

In the a.m.:  The boards are now all glued up, hangers attached, wires attached.

Repeated all the steps of arranging and attaching the 12x12" Gessobords to the mounting boards.  I cut the Velcro squares with a different pair of scissors, and wow, I can't believe how easy it went this time.  Who knew different scissors could be so different.  Could it possibly be that this time I'm cutting face up and yesterday it was backing up? 

Met with 2 artists and collected their artworks for the show.

I went to Staples and they can print out my online book, but I suspect that the images won't be the best and the binding isn't great either, but it will still be a good reference at the show and a good souvenir for me.

I was thinking I'd load up the boards into the trunk of my car, then I realized that it has an automatic closing feature.  So I called the dealer and he couldn't tell me anything about how that will work, couldn't find anything online,  so I guess I'll have to do another test... 

.... Guess what?

I'm done and ready to install at the Library!
This is Motley looking out at the snow, should I go out or not?

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