Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oh no, one more?

I'm short one portrait!  I wrote to a couple of people who might jump in, I need to do it right away.

Yesterday I made the email distribution list of the models and made a lot of progress with Charles, that cute kid with the red hair.  I can see that I have improved in many ways.  I was able to make the proportion corrections and attack the massing in of the lights and darks.  I'm not at all afraid to scrub something out that is not right and make the changes.  I'm going up now to get Charles finished today.  I took photos of George yesterday as well to paint him.  The light wasn't too good so may take more today with him sitting by the window.  I will be able to have him 'in the flesh' to check on things if necessary.

I'm still investigating the prospect of how to attach my panels to the backer boards, and at this point, the industrial Velcro looks good, another experiment is in order.  The industrial buttons I used before worked pretty good and even they were hard to remove from the wall I put them on.

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