Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Poster Glue Test Report

I am thrilled to report 
that both the items I used for the poster test worked perfectly as regards coming off the wall easily and without leaving any residue!

The poster was up on the wall for several days.  
The Scotch removable Poster Tape, a 3M product and a 2-sided tape, is my favorite because it was easier to apply and the poster laid flat on the wall without any wrinkles, etc. and peeled right off when I wanted it to from both the wall and the poster.  
The Command Brand, Damage-Free Hanging, Poster Strips were a little more difficult to apply and hang and the poster didn't sit totally flat against the wall.  There was a tiny amount of skill needed to remove it from the poster and extremely easy to get off the wall, leaving no residue.

Scotch Poster Tape is my favorite.

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