Saturday, January 17, 2015

Will I finish painting the project today?

--Yesterday I met with the correspondent from the newspaper and she was so thorough, she spent an hour and a half with me.  It was like a reunion because she was the 'start' of the project and here we are at the end. 
--I had to check all the backs of the portraits to be sure I had written the information on them and had the model numbers, dates, etc. Things were moving so quickly at the start of the project that I'm happy that I got the names right.
--I found two that need the tiniest bit of work left to do on them.
--The adhesive test is going well, one came a bit loose because the sticky stuff on the back of the velcro industrial buttons didn't stick to the masonite panel in one spot.  Perhaps because of finger oil so cleaning with alcohol would probably help with that.  I haven't tried to remove them from the test board yet. 
--today 1) I'll set up to photograph them.  Since the photobook is mostly for me, my camera should work good enough and 2) I'll try to finish #30.

Right now, with the temp outside at 7 degrees, I have to go to the grocery store. :( 

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