Friday, January 23, 2015

We're getting closer.

--Got a call this morning from the lumber guy (no you are not reading yesterday's post again).  He wants to deliver tomorrow and I said I needed it today and I'd pick it up.  He promised to deliver tonight.  We'll see.--Nope, he didn't come and didn't call.
--I finished the photo book. But for some reason it can't be ordered as a hard copy.  Now I have to make it again in another program, probably Shutterfly.  In any case, the one I did make has the advantage of being able to be viewed online and forwarded by email, etc.  So here is the link for that:
Click here to view "The Merrimacians Exhibition" photobook.
--George's painting is done and I took pics, made files, added him to the book, etc.
--The banner test.
I used a two-sided tape made for posters, and you use 4" per 1/4 lb.  While I was hanging it, I thought, oh no. this second side is hard to grasp the corner to peel it off, you know how that goes.  Well, the tape itself is very thin and the removable part is a little stiff, so it is actually easy to grasp and peel off.  The Command Poster Strips were used as well on one half.  You must press for 30 seconds.  I wanted to re-position
Command Poster Strips (3)

Scotch 2-sided poster tape (3)

Poster with the 6 tape pieces

I only taped at the top for the test.  The left side with the 2-sided tape layes better.
them after hanging and pulled one of them off straight and some of the paint came off, but this would not happen (at least I'll find out) if you peel as directed.  I'll leave it up for a several days and then remove it and report.

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