Friday, January 2, 2015

Mostly, feeling good.

8 hours again yesterday and maybe 6 today and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is amazing how your attitude or well-being effects your work.  Usually, on an ordinary day, when you don't feel like painting or the painting isn't going very well, you realize it and decide to other things, clean up the studio, etc. but, and I read about this in the magazines, if it's your job or you have a deadline, you have to stay put and get it done.  One of the last four paintings was like that, it wasn't coming along at all, getting worse by the minute, but I had to pull it together and get it done.  It was a good fight, and in the end it wasn't too bad, but certainly not what I was looking for or hoping for.  Then, the same day, I cleaned up and laid out the palette again, and voila, it all came together again.  Then I'm thinking, well, maybe it's that every other one doesn't go well, but that's not true either.  Now I'm thinking that this art stuff is like riding a bucking horse in the rodeo, you just have to hang on as long as you can and wait for the calm at the end.  I have to say that sometimes it is that exciting!
Sorry no pictures yet, and all this text is pretty boring I'm sure.

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