Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Logistical stuff for show and #30

I've been painting everyday but not for long as I have lots of other logistical stuff to do.  I am actually now working on painting number 30!  I have 5 that I'm working on concurrently.  I wrote to all the models and all the artists and I'm working on brochures, flyers, photos, and testing glues.  I might even had to drive again up to the woodworkers shop to see what's going on with my mounting boards.  For some reason these guys know how to shut off their phones and emails and not let it take them away from their work.  Let's hope anyway, that he is busy making my boards.  I'm also out of printer ink, so other shopping can be done during that trip.  Since it's about 0 degrees out, I'll wait until mid-day to go out. 
Here is an interesting link about a color tool (app). 

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