Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shifting to show logistics

--I couldn't finish the last portrait because it's my husband and he wasn't awake during the daylight hours and I want to try to do the last part of the portrait while he is sitting by the window where the photo was taken.  He's not doing all that well these days and I didn't get to sleep until 4 a.m. this morning. 
--I did finish the others, some needed signing, etc.  I set up the camera and shot all of them with high settings and various settings for the best color so they might come out well for the photo book.  I loaded them up on the computer, made files, learned something new on Photoshop and worked on about half of the book's pages. 
--I don't know yet about when they say it's 20 pages for a certain price, if that means both sides of a page or each page. 
--I received the sign for the show and laid it out so it's ready to stick on the mounting boards when they arrive.  It's a vinyl sign something like a decal that you rub onto a surface.
--I heard from the lumber guy, and YEAA, it will be ready late tomorrow and I asked him about delivering it in case my son and his truck are busy.
--The adhesive test is still ongoing.
--I have other commitments today so I might not get to do much art work.

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