Friday, January 16, 2015

Working on #30

--I was supposed to meet with a photographer this morning to take good pictures of my portraits so I can have good pictures in my photo book, but she now has the flu.
--I'm meeting later today with the newspaper correspondent about the story for the exhibition at the library.
--I did the test for the various methods of attaching the panels to the mounting board.  First I'll wait to see if any fall off, then I'll see how they come apart.
--I painted for a few hours and finished Chad, #29.  It went well, I held my old old big palette, the type that you see in photos of ancient artists.  I used to use this one a long time ago.  It really did work better and I moved right along being better able to match the colors I was seeing and somehow better mix my colors.  Maybe it's a majic palette.  I hope so.  I'm using the Daniel Greene palette for colors with a few of my own.
--The last one is of my husband and I worked on it for days already but I want to bring it down when he is sitting by the window where I took the photo and maybe be able to better adjust the light and colors.
--No word today from the lumber guy. 

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